Download Frodo Wallet for Chia

Frodo features full 24-word security, an amazing range of functionality, and a great user interface.

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For iPhone, please use our Webapp while we wait on approval from Apple for the iPhone version.

Frodo is an open source wallet, licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. The Chia blockchain is secured by more than 120,000 nodes.

Air-gapped Laptop Download option

You can run Frodo Wallet in an air-gapped laptop or other device that runs Python

You can check the file using the sha256sum command on Linux, it should give you:


Just unzip the .zip file and follow the instructions in the file

IMPORTANT: remember to open http://localhost:8000 in your browser, not

Note: If you don’t have Python, you can open the index.html in any other local webserver offline

Android non-Play-Store Download Option

Want to download the Frodo Wallet .apk without using the Google Play Store?


You can check the file using the sha256sum command on Linux, it should give you:


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Source code

To build the .apk after building the source at the link above, use steps like these, copying the files from the frodo-wallet project's dist/web directory into the apache cordova app's www directory

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Privacy Policy

Alphabean, Inc.

The Frodo Wallet app is forked and modified from the Pawket app by Sutu Labs of 17 February 2023. Alphabean, Inc. releases the app under the GNU General Public License, Version 3.0. Licensees may convey the work under the License. There is no warranty for this app. The Pawket app is copyright Sutu Labs. The modifications to such software code are copyright 2023 Alphabean, Inc.